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Accurate Data Systems has years of experience in providing end-to-end title processing services, i.e. from title search to final policy.
Over the years, our clients have benefited in terms of turn-times and bottom-line. Some of these clients have joint ventures with title agencies, they also have benefited from our efficient services. We have helped number of Title Companies utilize our services.

We have the Technology and Scalability to handle your volume. We can customize our services to have flawless exchange of data.
If you have in-house title agency, we can offer complete end-to-end title production services. From order entry to final policy. Get the benefits that your underwriter already has!
Accurate Title Info provides MORE online coverage – we have access to title plants provided by ALL underwriters and county clerks.
This helps in getting search, examination and typing completed cheaper and faster

Title Search & Abstract Services

From order opening to commitment in less than 24 hours! This is how Accurate Data Systems works. We provide residential title search reports.

Title Commitment Typing

We type commitment or property reports in your software. Our proprietary software produces output in xml or Gator(R), SoftPro(R), RamQuest(R), TitleExpress(R), AIM(R) compatible software. We can type data online directly into your software. We offer this service with 8-24hrs turn around time

Our Best Services

Title Search Services

From order opening to commitment in less than 24 hours! This is how Accurate Data Systems works. We provide residential title search reports. Our technology, experience

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Title Commitment Typing

We are a leading Title commitment preparation support service provider and seek to serve our clients with accurate and high-quality support services related to preparing title commitments.

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Property Tax Search

Monthly report of all loans received: We monitor the amount of real property tax on all your loans. We also monitor if the taxes are being paid on time. Conveying your tax information

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Tax Search & Certification

Services-Accurate Data Systems provides Tax Certification service either through online research or through a call center to contact the treasurer's / collector's offices.

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Title Plant Indexing

Our offshore delivery center does overnight data entry of all property documents and return next day morning. We guarantee 99.995% data entry accuracy and quick turnaround time.

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Service For Lenders

We monitor the property tax payment on all your loans. We obtain the current property tax figure and ensure that it corresponds with the taxing authority's records. We report each property tax amount

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Why Choose Us?

In our experience, we have worked with diverse clients and professional service groups who are knowledge leaders in the market. Close collaboration with your peers and practices has given us the right knowledge needed to do the right thing, on time.

Our IT Infrastructure

  • Our offices are connected with VPN Tunneling.
  • Modes of transfer of data can be FTP/E-Mail/Online/Gators/etc...
  • Broadband connectivity round the clock!
  • Data security is the main key point of our IT infrastructure.

Professional Support

  • We are dedicated to providing the best Quality.
  • In-depth market knowledge.
  • A fully fledged in-house team.
  • We provide 24x7 customer support.

Our Security Measures

  • Only executives who have been deployed on the project will have access to the data
  • We have Spy cameras on each floor
  • Biometrics in place so that no stranger have access to the shop floor
  • We have SSL certification
  • We can get a VPN Tunnel Configured for data transfer which will be of a higher bit rate

Our Risk Management

  • We have Quality Control Teams in place who get units (here orders/search packages/calls etc...) audited.
  • Modes of transfer of data can be FTP/E-Mail/Online/Gators/etc...
  • ADT, LLC also gives a one person contact for each process and or project.
  • Project has to go through different phases wherein all the possible loop holes.



Cost Reduction

8-24 hrs

Faster Turnaround


Satisfied Clients



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